Renewable Energy Efficient Solar Lighting System Design for Buildings in UAE

  • Mubina Irfan Zaidy


Over the past few years, the electricity
consumption in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) has
beyonddoubledaccording to a study done by the management
consultancy and strategy and it is still at a constant rise.
Lighting accounts for a major part of this consumption. Hence
there arises the need to reduce and conserve this energy for the
sake of the environment and in turn our future generations.
This paper aims at implementing the use of solar energy for
electric energy generation for lighting systems in commercial
and residential buildings. It also focuses on reducing energy
consumptions by making use of LED lighting technology,
daylighting and suitable lighting controls. Unlike traditional
fossil fuel power generation by coal, oil or gas, energy
generated through solar power is Renewable, clean and
environment friendly and has no harmful gas
emissions.Therefore, a shift to solar power could make a great
difference in UAE where it is abundantly available all year
round. An experimental prototype of a 20 Watt Solar powered
Lighting system using LED’s, a solar charge controller and a
light detector sensor is constructed to demonstrate the working
of such anenergy efficient lighting system on a small scale.
Using a light designing software daylight harvesting, LED light
planning and energy efficient building architecture has been
demonstratedand the results have shown good satisfactory
performance of the overall system design.

Mar 15, 2016
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