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Research Plus Journals are set of International, open access, peer reviewed Online Journal offering online journal publication services in the field of Science, Engineering and Management. Focused on offering professional and authentic content, Research Plus Journals accepts only high quality theoretical as well as practical papers.

Quality is the utmost priority and every paper submitted for publishing is thoroughly checked for plagiarism. The quality check team consists of highly qualified experts from different fields. The team and advanced software ensures only the manuscript matching with the set criteria goes for further double blind review process.

Research Plus Journals welcomes original research papers for publication. Known for exclusive work, it is the perfect destination to get your papers published in a reputed journal. Research Plus Journals covers all the areas of Science, Engineering and Management.

Lead by veteran academicians, researchers and other experts, the publication house follows strict quality check process and gives preference to innovative research ideas. The review team and software check the submitted journals for plagiarism to ensure publication of finest work.


Our vision is to grow in perfection while offering a strong platform to the authors and become a world-class publishing house.

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Though we claim to be technologically advanced company, but we equally give importance to our core values. These work as the foundation stone and encourage us to work more effectively while standing apart from the other publishers.

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