Investigate Economical Decision System Framework to Support Gas Crisis - Case Study: UAE

  • Doaa Wafik
  • Assem Tharwat


Decision Support Systems (DSS) are mainly computer based applications include essential component called Database to support rational Decision Making process by analyzing, determining and evaluating the available raw data, documentations, knowledge to reach rational alternative set of actions, identify and solve business problems, and present various economical business decisions.
UAE has been determine more than ten years ago a clear strategy to reduce the dependency of their GDP on Oil products. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the UAE's oil independence strategy and to propose a Decision Support Framework (DSF) generalizing their excellent perspective for the other oil producer countries to determine the most appropriate economical alternative solution as a substitute for a Gas Crisis.
In this article, one of the famous DSS is used; Group Decision Support system is the most suitable tool for the investigated problem to build an effective Decision Support to help the oil producer countries for the sack of their GDP's oil independency.
The proposed DSF will help the users to achieve their main competitive advantage through effective acts in innovation. Its simulate the UAE strategy through the new technologies as well as modern techniques that used to create new things has never been made before and can be recognized as a unique product.
This article introduced a DSF to support the oil producer countries to diversify their GDP resources and to reduce its oil dependency.

Sep 30, 2017
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