Persian Mining Product (PMP) Is Future of Iranian Minerals Branding

  • Keyvan Jafari Tehrani
  • Homa Moayed Jafari


Abstract— This electronic document is browsing across history of Iranian minerals export to clarify the key factors which helped to achieve the success or loose the chance on the subject. Iran with great reserve of minerals which consisting of 68 types has a great potential to substitute minerals export income instead of oil. This is the same scenario that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also is planning to do so.

To achieve this goal, need more attention and focus on mining activities such as exploration, extraction, production, processing of ore as well as export. During a last decade which Iran imposed under tremendous and hard European and United States sanctions, had less chance and hope to follow up this plan. But since beginning 2016 which the most of trading and business sanctions have been removed, Iran not only can equip its mines by brand new machinery and technology but may get much better interest from foreign mining companies and investors to do finance or invest as FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Iranian mines.

Iran needs by proper planning increase share of GDP for mining production from some existing figure below 1% to above 5% to rely less on oil income, which has already had a share of 23% in Iran’s GDP.

We believe to bypass this road need to create a professional brand for Iranian minerals. Hereby we are introducing for the first time a new abbreviation for branding of Iranian minerals named PMP (Persian Mining Product) as a solution for this purpose.

Mar 28, 2017
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