Instructions for Authors

Complete guidelines for preparing and submitting your manuscript to this journal are provided below.

Research Plus Journals uses Plagiarism Checker X to evaluate the submitted manuscript for plagiarism of content.

Authors submitting a manuscript for IJHM do so on the understanding that the research work is original and not plagiarized content. The authors understands and takes full responsibility for the content that they submit to the journal. Authors need to make sure that the manuscript submitted has not been published before, is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has been read and approved by all authors. The submission of the manuscript by the authors means that the authors automatically agree to assign copyright to the IJHM journal if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication. Authors kindly make note of the following details before submission of articles online 1. Article should be in Microsoft Word format only 2. The figures or images in the manuscript must be clear and readable. The first page of the submitted article for review should include the paper's title, the abstract, a list of keywords indicating the paper's topic area(s), the authors' full names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses.

Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers, with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for the final publication. Papers should be written in English conforming to the linked standard format (8.5" x 11" - US letter, Two-Column). You can find a copy of the standard recommended template for Microsoft Word formats here. Your paper must be printable in order to be accepted.

Structure of the Article:

An article should include the following parts: title, authors’ names, name and address of their work place, summary, keywords, introduction (the object and goal of the research, the methods applied, the review of literature and its analysis, etc.), the main text, conclusions or recommendations, references, short biographical note about the contributors at the end of the article (name, surname, academic title and scientific degree, duties, research interests).