A Model for Exchanging Secure Information between Ophthalmologists

  • Norah Abdullah Alhammad
  • Arwa Al Kowiter
  • Taghreed Al Otaibi
  • Khawla Al-Rajhi
  • Nahed Al Sahdi


With a wide variety of eye problems and diseases, the need for discussion between ophthalmologists increasing day by day. Especially when ophthalmologist wants to communicate with each other's and discusses unclear conditions and symptoms remotely. It is difficult to share patient information and images which related to his condition with another ophthalmologist who works in another place securely. As we know there is a huge growth in data exchange technologies for medical data. In data exchange, security is one of the most important and essential issues for healthcare systems to protect patients' related information. We will facilitate the communication between ophthalmologists by enabling them to share patient information remotely and securely. Therefore, we developed a model by using peer-to-peer architecture to exchange patient information. Also we address the security which is the most important issue by applying three techniques: permission, encryption, and logs.

Mar 15, 2016
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