"Personalized Medicine" : An Innovative Concept

  • Rupa Murthy PMed Innovations, Oak Park, Illinois, USA


"Personalized Medicine" is about empowering patients to have access to their health information at all times.[1] Empowering implies patient participation through the ongoing process of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.[1] More importantly, "Personalized Medicine" is about having insights into one's health by being able to visualize, recognize, and take timely corrective action when necessary.[1] As important time may be wasted when looking for information during emergencies resulting in delays and potential medical errors, "Personalized Medicine" offers a way for medical and emergency personnel to immediately obtain accurate, adequate patient information which can be useful, especially if the patient is unable to communicate verbally.[1] By drawing insights from one's health data "Personalized Medicine" enables patients to seek medical care early on and helps them to make the right treatment choices.[1] Storing, retrieving and having access to one's health information, being able to edit and update it when necessary, the ability to draw valuable insight's from one's health data, and the availability of personal health information for quick and easy access by medical personnel and first responders encompasses the concept of "Personalized Medicine".[1] Microchip technology can make patient information more accessible especially in rural and remote areas.[1] It improves productivity and quality of patient care by providing patients with the relevant information for making better treatment choices and reduces the cost of health care through early diagnosis and treatment.[1] A micro-chipped Personalized Medical Card is a convenient medium to store and retrieve up-to-date health information.[1] By conforming to the standards of privacy and security patient's can have access to their health data without compromising their personal information.[1] A subcutaneous gold-plated microchip insert designed to store vital life saving patient information can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device from anywhere, anytime.[1] The gold-plated microchip implant is inserted underneath the patient's skin and contained in the subcutaneous layer.[1] The gold-plated microchip has a wireless connection with the device using the state-of-the-art technology and can be paired with a software application that can be readily edited and updated.[1] Therefore, the device saves not only extensive amount of time and effort but also eliminates the need for unnecessary medical tests and treatment.[1] In addition, timely access to updated information can prevent written or spoken patient information which might be lost in transition or translation thereby leading to medication error or wrong treatment.[1] A gold-plated microchip inserted inside the patient's body as a medical device or tagged to a medical device allows patient self-monitoring of vital statistics of specific conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney functions and other metrics associated with different aspects of body function.[1] It acts as a sensor which enables patients to monitor vital parameters of their condition precisely in real time and allows them to lead independent and more productive lives without the need for continuous monitoring or medical supervision.[1] It could potentially be used for investigating structural and functional abnormalities of the heart, liver, kidney, etc.[1] The gold-plated microchip can prove useful in the treatment of conductive disorders such as dysaarythmias and to mitigate symptoms and dysfunction due to myocardial infarction, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic renal disorders, etc.[1] With soaring health care costs the patient's ability to manage their health condition with ease and convenience in the absence of their health care providers empowers patients to enhance their productivity and quality of life, and reduce the cost of care.[1] In addition to patient participation, leveraging technology drives better outcomes and empowers patients to lead a better quality of life which essentially is the true objective of "Personalized Medicine".[1]

"Personalized Medicine" is a patented concept.[1] If you are interested as an investor or partner for "Personalized Medicine" please contact me at dr.rupamurthy@yahoo.com

Mar 30, 2018
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