The Effects of Internet and Innovation on Turkish Tourism Recently

  • Abdurrahman Dinc


Information technology is very heavily used in every aspect of life and also actively used in the field of tourism. Internet undoubtedly one of the most basic indispensable communication element in today's world.  Today internet which is used in every aspect of life, not only provide us social opportunities but also employs many people economically. Now very commonly used internet in all areas and has been used extensively in the tourism industry.

Tourism fact frequently encountered in most parts of the world has become a very large industry with some incentives in Turkey after 1980s and after a short time has been a source of livelihood for most people.Using communication technology is inevitable forpromotion and marketing of the tourism sector which is gaining more important with each passing day in the world economies. In other words, the internet, as well as travel agencies and hotels are among the places where the introduction of tourism and marketing.

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of the internet on the tourism sector, to share and reveal the positive and negative effects. Thanks to the Internet people get instant information and their overview of the tourism varies because of where news and information content. Many factors like search engines, social media ads, terrorist events, website content, user blogs and comments. In particular, both positive and negative effects of the Internet on fluctuations in the last 10 years in Turkey's tourism sector were examined as versatile.

Dec 15, 2016
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