Energy Efficiency Critical Targets

  • Mohammed Yedroudj
  • Sarim Al-Zubaidy


Despite the fossil fuel fired power generating
plants being the major producers of greenhouse gases, it is
clearly evident that renewable sources of energy are not going to
replace them any time soon. There is a general consensus
amongst scientists and governments that our climate is changing
at an unprecedented rate, and it is argued that it is largely caused
by greenhouse gas emissions from economic activity that is
unlikely to be significantly scaled down through forums and
protocols. Many studies indicate that a higher concentration of
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide,
is the primary cause of global warming that is driving climate
change. While awaiting for renewable energy to make further
technological advances, improve its efficiency, and place itself as
a cost effective contender to conventional power generation,
energy efficiency and conservation are currently the least
expensive alternative for power and process industry to meet a
growing demand for cleaner energy. For all the renewable energy
resources put together, renewable energy accounts for 19.1% of
total electricity production, of which 85% is hydro-electricity.
Energy efficiency and renewable energy should remain the twin
pillars of sustainable energy policy [1]. In many countries, energy
efficiency is also seen to have a national security benefit because
it can be used to reduce the level of energy imports from foreign
countries and may slow down the rate at which domestic energy
resources are depleted.
In this paper, we focus on the current state of the electrical
system efficiency from generation to utilisation, and identify the
critical areas where efficiency can be enhanced through current
technology, design and operational practice.

Dec 15, 2015
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